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 "How will I communicate with my child?"

"How will my child communicate?"

"How will I find a program that will prepare my child academically and socially?

Key Tips
Keep a Journal

​​Keep a log of all information you receive when speaking with various individuals, (ENT, Audiologist, Physician, Speech Pathologist, etc.)

Be an Advocate

In order for LSL to work for your child it is up to you, as parents and caregivers, to be a strong advocate for him/her.

Be Consistent


It is essential that your child receive consistent audiological management, appropriate and consistent therapy, and adequate support in all environments with the expectation for your child to listen.

Welcome to Listening for Life
Where children with hearing impairments can learn to listen too!!

This website is designed for parents of children with hearing impairments, to better understand the practice of Listening and Spoken Language Therapy. It will provide an introduction to LSL and it's principles and guide you through the wonders of LSL and the possibilities for your child as he/she develops into a healthy, happy hearing adult.

You will find information about what LSL is, who is involved in the LSL process, how LSL can help your child and what you can do at home to facilitate language learning.

Listening and Spoken Language Therapy is a powerful approach and can make a world of difference to your child's future and how your family presently functions from day-to-day. This approach is very intense and requires involved and dedicated families for it to be successful.

This website is meant to be an introduction to LSL for parents and professionals. Over the course of your child's therapy there will be a world of questions you may have. I am available to answer questions you and your family may have.

Congratulations on making the tremendous first steps toward providing your child with the necessary tools to build a successful future!

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