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Parent Support

Getting Started

Complete the Ling 6 sound test 3 times a day to ensure the hearing aid or cochlear implant is working correctly.


Ling 6 sounds are : "ah, ooo, eee, m, sh, s."

"Learning to Listen Sounds, words and phrases" adapted from the work of:

Warren Estabrooks, B.A., M.Ed., Cert. AVT, Clinical Director, Auditory-Verbal Therapy Program, North York General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Judith Simser, B.Ed, Cert. AVT, Aural Habilitation Program, Children's Hospital Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Creating a Listening Environment
  • Speak close to your child's hearing aid or cochlear implant microphone.

  • Speak in a quiet voice, at regular volume: raising the volume of your voice can often distort speech, making it more difficult to understand.

  • Use a slightly slower speaking rate.

  • Minimize all background noise; turn off window air conditioner units, fans, TV, radio's, etc..

  • Use speech that is repetitive and rich in melody, expression, and rhythm.

  • Use acoustic highlighting techniques to enhance the audibility of spoken language.

Learning to Listen
Sounds, Words, and Phrases


  • Boat: puh puh puh

  • Bus: buh buh buh

  • Truck: brrr honk/naanaa

  • Car: brrrr. Beep beep

  • Airplane: aaaahhh

  • Ambulance: weeow,weeow

  • Train: choo choo/woowoo

  • Motorcylce: vrin vrin/rin,rin

Action Words & Phrases

  • Pop-pop the bubbles

  • Wake-up

  • Close the door

  • Open the box

  • Sit-down

  • Sh-sh go to sleep

  • Wash-wash your hands

  • Blow-blow the feather

  • Walk-walk-walk

  • Bounce-bounce the ball

  • Up-up-up the stairs, blocks etc..

  • It goes round and round (top, wheels, pinwheel)

  • Wave bye-bye

  • Cut-cut the (banana, paper, etc)

  • Brush your hair, teeth

  • Stand up

  • Get the (object)

  • Stretch

  • Open your eyes

Nouns & People

  • The clock goes tick-tock

  • Hi baby

  • The ghost says boooo

  • I'm mommy, I'm daddy

  • That's my shoe

  • That's my eye, nose, mouth , etc..

  • Pretty flower

  • Santa Claus: ho-ho-ho

  • Telephone: ring ring

  • Clown: ha-ha-ha

  • Clock: tick-tock

  • Cowboy: ya hoo, yee ha

  • Spinning things: round and round


  • It's hot

  • It's all gone

  • It's dirty

  • It's soft

  • It's broken

  • It's wet

  • It's missing

  • That's funny

Animal Sounds

  • Cow: moo

  • Fish: swish, swish

  • Duck: quack-quack

  • Lamb: baaaah

  • Turkey: gobble-gobble

  • Bird: chirp/whistle

  • Cat: meoww

  • Chicken:bak bak/cluck

  • Horse: neigh & Tongue click

  • Rabbit: hop-hop-hop

  • Frog: jump jump

  • Dog : ruff ruff

  • Pig: oink oink

  • Monkey: ee-ee-ee

  • Rooster: cock-a-doodle-doo

Expressive Phrases

  • Bye-bye

  • No-no don't touch

  • That's hot

  • Pour it in

  • Uh-oh

  • uh-oh, he fell

  • You're welcome

  • What a mess

  • b-r-r-r that's cold

  • Help please!

  • That's pretty

  • Help me

  • That's all

  • I want a

  • See you late

  • Look at that

  • M-m-m that's good

  • I want more

  • No, no!

  • It's too heavy

  • More please!

  • Thank you

  • Let's clean up

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